Thursday 14 January 2016

What a difference a day makes....and a change of attitude.

So, I know I only posted a diary entry a couple of days ago but I thought you might like a quick update. As expected, I did not get recalled from the audition I did on Monday. Quite right too, I would have questioned their sanity if they wanted to see me again after my disastrous showing. I just hope the casting director, the highly prolific casting director, whom I had never auditioned for before, does not hold it against me to the point that she never calls me in again.

Anyway, yesterday I had another audition, so on Monday, when I returned home, I immediately started practicing. Monday was not going to be repeated on Wednesday. I had songs and script to learn for this one. I had already done most of the work but I thought, with my ever-aging and deteriorating memory I needed to do more. I wish I still had the memory I had when I was 10 or that one day the audition song requested will be "Wake me up before you go-go". I still know that one. Unfortunately Wham does not feature in the musical I was up for yesterday but you can't have everything.

So over the course of Monday afternoon, Tuesday between students and Wednesday morning I crammed the songs and script into my tiny brain. I felt, for a change, totally prepared. I got up early on Wednesday, I warmed up, got dressed, warmed up a bit more, ran through the material, forgot to eat and was ready to leave the house with and hour and forty five minutes to get to the audition.

My journey was uneventful, apart from a fight I had to have with a ticket machine in the car park I parked at, I arrived with 35 minutes to spare so I had a coffee in the Costa not far from the audition venue and then finished my journey arriving with 15 minutes to spare. I was, once again, faced with 4 flights of stairs but it was OK, I had time to recover this time. More than enough time as it turned out as I didn't get in until 10 minutes after he time I had been given.

I won't bore you with the actual audition which was the best one I have, possibly, ever done. However, it doesn't look like I have been recalled for that one either. This annoys me a little but I know I sang really, really well so it must be I just wasn't what they were looking for. Nothing I can do about that. Onwards and upwards.

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