Tuesday 23 February 2016

Seriously! There is more to life.....um, but what?

So, I realised it has been a ridiculous amount of time since my last post and thought it was about time I got down to it. I tend to wait for inspiration to hit and throughout the past few weeks I haven't felt particularly inspired. I say that, I have been ill and stupidly busy with teaching so I didn't really have time for inspiration. However, the muse visited me a couple of days ago when I was out for dinner with friends.

A few of us met up to celebrate a friend's birthday. There were a couple of friends I see often, a couple of friends I haven't seen in months and one person I had never met before. There should have been catching up to do with the two friends I hadn't seen in ages or getting to know the new addition to the group but no, that was not what I did. I was sat next to one of my really good friends, one I see quite a lot, and all we really did was talk shop!

We are both performers who teach singing to pay the bills when we aren't performing and we have a tendency to talk about teaching - Constantly - And this is what happened at my friends dinner. We started talking and didn't stop.

It seems that all I can talk about is work. If it's not teaching it's auditions or who's in what show. I feel like I have nothing else to talk about. Perhaps that is why people have children, so they have something new to talk about. I would consider children but I have a feeling I might be verging on menopausal after the two hot flushes I had before the audition I did last week so I think I may have left it too late to gain children as a new topic of conversation.

So what else could I talk about. I have no pets, and I doubt my landlord would allow me to get one. He might be happy for me to get a goldfish but I doubt there is much to discuss with a fish. I do talk about Zumba a bit but people really don't want to hear about my exercise routine so what can I talk about? How can I make myself more interesting?

Or is there actually not more to life for me? I love singing. I am lucky enough to make my living from what I love. I love performing and I love teaching and that is basically my life right now. So if you meet me and all I talk about is singing I apologise but it is the only thing I can talk about with any sort of confidence. I know nothing about politics, world events or sport so I am afraid I will have to stick to what I know and try not to bore you all to tears.

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