Monday 16 February 2015

1 week to go.....well 6 that right?

So, less than a week until I finally do this Pheasantry thing. It has been a LONG time coming. Do not fret, I will stop going on about it very, very soon. 

With less than a week to go what do I decide would be a good thing to do? Go on holiday. I say holiday, do a couple of days just North of Blackpool constitute a holiday? In my world it does that's for sure. I don't really do holidays. Anyway, on my trip up to Blackpool yesterday (Sunday) I was listening to Elaine Paige's radio show on Radio 2 (the greatest radio station in the world!) when she said something along the lines of "there are great things coming up this week at The Pheasantry". My ears pricked up, my heart started beating ridiculously fast, would she get to Sunday? Would I get a mention on Elaine Paige on Sunday? No! She went as far as Saturday as some fabulous musical theatre singer is doing a few nights this week. I'm not quite famous enough for EP. Yet.

I am far too nervous already to talk more about this right now so I will just leave you with the link to buy tickets. Please come along if you can. If I can  get enough people to cover Simona's fee for playing the Joanna and the filming of the event I will consider the evening a success. Of course my dream is to have to turn people away the place is so rammed on the night but, this time, I reckon that is a pipe dream.

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