Tuesday 10 February 2015

2 weeks to go....well, 1 and a bit really.

So the day of reckoning is fast approaching. My show, "How did it come to this?" on the 22nd of February at The Pheasantry WILL happen, whether we want it to or not, in just under 2 weeks. Today I ran through the whole show, on my own, and you would have loved it if you had been in my living room this afternoon. Everything I want to say is in my brain I am just hoping I can access it on the night.

I was starting to feel a bit of "the fear" a week or so ago and it occurred to me that I hadn't really performed since I did Cabaret Confidential at The Pheasantry back in July 2014. So when Paul L Martin suggested I go to the West End Wendies open mic night at The Loft above the Brasserie Toulouse-Lautrec in Kennington on Thursday night I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get back on the horse. Plus, as Simona Budd, my pianist on the 22nd, the Hinge to my Bracket if you will (only some of you will understand that cultural reference), was playing that night I decided it was meant to be. We could try out some new stuff. Make sure I knew all the words, make sure the funny songs were actually funny, that sort of thing. Brilliant.

Of course I chickened out of singing anything new and ended up singing 2 songs I did in my Cabaret Confidential set last year. That's OK though as both of these old songs feature in "How did it come to this?" so it wasn't a totally wasted opportunity or anything. I was flabbergasted at how nervous I was, I really wasn't expecting to be the quivering wreck I was, so I am exceedingly pleased I got up and sang. Any chance to rid myself of a few nerves and get into a calmer state of mind has to be a good thing.

I am determined that my nerves will not get the better of me and I am ever hopeful that Sunday the 22nd will be a rousing success and may lead to more nights of the same or similar. I already have show number 2 in the pipeline so I hope that more than 9 people turn up to make said new show a viable proposition. So if you feel like helping a girl out and eating a pizza at the same time then follow the link below to buy your tickets and hopefully I will see you on the 22nd.

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