Sunday 29 November 2020

To Christmas tree or not to Christmas tree?

So, following my last post, my anxiety levels have reached an all-time high. Not because of the stupid woman at the Post Office in my last offering but because there is something wrong with my car. I don't really know why this has affected me in the way it has but I know I can't do my normal ostrich thing and bury my head in the sand this time. 

I took the car to my local garage and they put my mind at rest that it was nothing that imminently needed seeing to but, as the car is still under warranty, I need to take it to a Dacia garage to get it fixed. Problem is I have NO time and the nearest place is a little further away than I'd like. Point is there is NOTHING I can do about it (apart from book it in at the garage) so there is NOTHING to be anxious about. So why can't I get a handle on it? To be fair to my brain, I think I am possibly more anxious because I am on my own and don't have anyone to really help me with these silly everyday things. I am perfectly capable of coping on my own (I've managed for 46 years) but these are strange times and life alone is something altogether different from how it was 9 months ago! This is not meant to diminish any anxiety any coupled up people are feeling by the way.

So why am I writing this? Well it has nothing to do with singing (my posts rarely do these days to be honest) but it does fuel my feelings of incompetence. As a result of my high anxiety I have watched many, many terrible things on Netflix (other streaming services are available) including five Christmas films in two days and it's not even December yet. Full disclosure, I have one on right now as I type. I love the formulaic nature of a typical Christmas film but it has also inspired me to start working on a new project. An actual, potential hobby if you will. 

I may have said in the past, I may not but I'm not going to re-read all my posts to check, that I have always wanted an actual hobby. I'm not sure I have had a real hobby since I used to play with my Sindy's or my Fashion Plates set (if anyone finds one of these please get it for me!).

However, I have always wanted to write a book but I have never felt I have the patience. A blog suits me as it takes me a couple of hours at most to write a post and then I'm done. Instant gratification. For me, not you! I have no aspirations to write a book for public consumption but I would love to have a pop at it. Anyway all these Christmas films have given me the best idea so I'm going to give it a go and try and write something longer than a blog post. The idea also means I have the best excuse to watch every Christmas film I can find. All in the name of research of course. I'm not going to divulge the idea I have had for this "book" and it is, in all probability, going to take me years to do. I have the beginnings of a treatment for a film in a drawer that I started about 10 years ago so I'm not optimistic that this book will ever get written before I shuffle off this mortal coil but if it gives me something else to think about other than singing and teaching I will be happy.   

In other news I am very tempted to put up my Christmas tree today. I haven't had a Christmas tree for the past 3 or so years. Last year I did this:

This is what passed for a Christmas tree in 2019. Not sure I can be bothered though, and it is not yet December but perhaps it would cheer me up. I'll decide when this Christmas film I'm watching has finished. Oh, and if you want a Christmas film recommendation, "Christmas Inheritance" on Netflix is fantastically trashy.

Since I posted this I rang the garage and it turns out the warning light (that I didn't tell you about) was only on because it's service was due. The handbook didn't say anything about this. Anyway it's booked in for it's service and my anxiety levels have reduced. Phew. Also, avoid Christmas Land on Netflix at all costs, it's really bad!

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  1. I'd love to have a book published, but there's as much chance of that happening as there is of me running the marathon.