Monday 2 November 2015

Sing for your supper....well, sing for wine.

Bonjour all. So a couple of weeks ago I did my first gig in 7 months. 7 months since I had sung in public, in front of paying punters. This is nothing short of ridiculous. Although, as always, I am contemplating packing in the actress/singer/bingo caller thing in to become a full time singing teacher and coach. Never has the urge to throw in the towel been stronger actually, as times they are a changing and I find myself being forced (in a good way) to think about what on earth I am doing with my life.

For the past few months I have been doing the odd audition, teaching 4 days a week and, for the rest of the time, sitting on my derrière doing very little. This is because I have a tendency to bury my head in the sand or hope things will change for the better without me having to do anything to bring about these longed for changes. However, my hand is being forced and I will have to dig my head out of the sand and make a few decisions for a change.

Anyway, this was not meant to be the subject of this diary entry, 'twas the gig business. I was approached by an old friend to do this concert a couple of months back and her opening gambit to me was this:

"I hope you are well.

I know you hate being asked to perform without a fee so please feel free to tell me to f**k off immediately rather than put me on Facebook."

This is just the sort of message I love so immediately said yes (don't get ideas though fellow Incompetents, this was a friend asking). She did say I would be rewarded with wine and that is good enough for me. I actually do not mind performing for free if it is for charity or to help out a friend. I do draw the line at profit share shows and the like as these affairs can take up a lot of time, time I could be earning money. Well this concert was a gig for charity, and an interesting and worthwhile charity at that (of course most charities are worthwhile but some get more recognition than others so it was nice to help a smaller organisation). My friend runs a choir, Bermondsey Voices, and the charity they were supporting is local to Bermondsey, the ROBES Project (check them out at If you live anywhere near Bermondsey and fancy joining a choir you should think about joining Bermondsey Voices, a thoroughly lovely bunch of people out for a good time (through singing!).

Anyway, back to me. The really good thing about this gig was there were, precisely, 3 people in the room who knew me and, as I had chosen 2 comedy songs to sing it was a good test to see if I was actually funny or if my friends were just indulging me at the last 2 cabaret gigs I did. My level of insecurity is such that I often think people are indulging or putting up with me and rarely believe them when they praise me. Most of my friends know this is what I am like and, thankfully, do put up with me. Well I think, think, I can safely say people find me funny as there was laughter a plenty and should I decide not to do a full on show again I know I want to keep singing and doing the cabaret stuff, at least part time.

BTW if anyone knows the people who find the singing coaches for all these reality TV singing shows, point them in my direction. I could definitely do that job!

Oh, and if you fancy joining Bermondsey Voices, their website is


  1. You are a brilliant person and singer Claire and it was such a pleasure to hear you sing with such pizzazz at the fundraising concert. Why you haven't worked professionally in the past 7 months is beyond me frankly. Maybe you're too nice Claire? Find your inner bitch and I'll find mine too. 7 months? More like 7 years for me. xx

    1. Ha ha, thank you Kristina. I will work on that!!! xxxx