Sunday 2 November 2014

Where the heck have you been?

So it has been a LONG time since I last posted. I apologise. I have been preoccupied with all sorts of stuff recently and therefore not been able to put fingers to keyboard to write for a while (does anyone remember when the phrase used to be "pen to paper"? To be fair, it is still a phrase I have just come up with a new one. I say I've come up with a new one, I am pretty sure I am not the first person to coin it). So what do you have to tell us, I hear you cry?

Well, I did a concert. It is true. I did a concert. A proper one with an orchestra and everything. 'Twas in the depths of Welsh Wales, well Cwmbran, at the Congress Theatre with the Welsh Musical Theatre Orchestra. So I am pretty sure you will have deduced it was an evening of musical theatre loveliness. I got to sing stuff I have been dying to sing for years all with the added thrill that it was with orchestra. Apart from a small (coughs) mess up in "You Could Drive a Person Crazy" (to be fair I am a soprano and I was on the bottom harmony line and, as everyone knows, sopranos don't do harmony) it was a stupendously good evening that helped me realise why I chose this as a career and why it should still be my career. As a consequence I am off back to Cwmbran on the 5th December to do a little lunchtime thing at the Congress Theatre with the orchestra's conductor, Andrew Hopkins so, yes folks, that means I am doing another gig. 3 in one year, I might be able to call myself a professional singer again if this keeps up.

The good thing about doing this little shindig on the 5th December is it gives me a chance to try out a few bits and pieces I will be performing at The Pheasantry on the 22nd February 2015. For those who don't know (or don't remember as I am so lazy and have not posted in so long), following my little stint as part of "Cabaret Confidential", Paul L Martin invited me to put together a whole evening of just me (and, of course, the brilliant Simona Budd at the piano). The evening has a title and a poster so it is pretty much ready to go (once I have decided on an actual programme) and it is this I would like to share with you right now. It is subject to change so do not hold me to everything I have included on the poster. You can't book yet but there are only 80 something tickets available so book early to avoid disappointment I say (I will post again when tickets become available).

In the meantime this is a taste of what might be to come:

Small addition to post:

OMG I have just seen that my blog has had over 20,000 views. I thank you all for reading. Roll on 25,000.

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