Wednesday 4 June 2014

A bit of shameless there a better use of one's own blog?

So you may, or may not, recall a I am finally putting myself out there again and, for the very first time, putting together a Cabaret (you only have to listen to me for 20 minutes, 25 if I waffle). If you want to refresh your memory you can read Time to get back on the horse then... before you read on.

July 10th is the date I have chosen (actually I didn't really have a choice) to torture people with the beginnings of my one woman show. I will be appearing at The Pheasantry (Pizza Express on the King's Road) as part of Cabaret Confidential and I thought what better way to make a start on my Incompetent Soprano show than throwing myself in at the deep end. At least this way if I bore you you can eat yourself into oblivion.

July 10th will give you, and me, the opportunity to sample a little of what might be. Of course, this is assuming you are in the least bit interested in witnessing such an event.

So if you fancy a bit of pizza with your cabaret I promise to, at least, try to amuse you. It would be so fabulous to have some friendly faces in the audience. Book your table now by clicking here.

See you on Thursday 10th July.


  1. What a great evening. That Claire has an amazing voice is clear to anyone who hears her, but she's so much more than "just" a voice. She makes words spin and live and tells the story. She has a confident, relaxing and funny stage presence. Whilst others might (with lesser voices perhaps), attempt to batter the audience into submission, Claire invites us into her world. And we have a lovely cup of tea and a chat!
    More please!

  2. Thank you, whoever you are, for your lovely comment. I am always happy to provide a cup of tea and a chat. Watch this space for more.