Wednesday 23 May 2018

Still under the Spotlight.....for now, at least.

So, a quick update on my Spotlight status in case anyone is in the slightest bit interested. I am sticking with it but paying for it monthly so don’t feel like I’m tied down and can get out whenever I want. Story of my life really, when I go to shows I have to have an aisle seat so I can get out easily and without bothering anyone.

Speaking of shows, I just had a fairly inspiring weekend. I saw Chess and Hamilton. I’m not going to review them as that doesn’t really have anything to do with anything (both shows were spectacular, however, Chess won the weekend for me which, I am sure, puts me in a freakish minority). The two shows really made me think about my recent life choices.

Life, although stressful at the moment, is pretty easy. I write lesson plans, I rehearse the songs I need to teach my choir, I help other people improve their singing all the while neglecting my own. I have definitely got myself stuck in an, albeit, fairly happy rut and I am having a really hard time forcing myself out of it. I am forever saying  “when that students exam is over”, “after my students do that show” I’ll change things. There will always be something, unless I break the cycle. Not totally sure it is time to break that cycle but I will keep you posted.

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