Sunday 27 July 2014

You can't teach an old dog new tricks.......actually, turns out you can.

So, it has been a couple of weeks since my infamous cabaret (infamous to me, nobody else) and I feel ridiculously excited at the prospect of doing more. I always thought I would love or hate the experience and now, having had time to reflect, I am more certain that I loved every moment. Not only every moment of the actual show but everything that happened beforehand.

In these uncertain times with shows closing left, right and centre I am more sure than ever that making my own work is the way to go. I want to be in control. No one is going to say no to me doing my own show because I am too fat/thin/ugly/gorgeous/tall/short/northern because I decide what I sing, what I say, when I sing, where I sing (to some extent). Yes, this path will bring it's own set of problems. The buck stops with me but then I have always been headstrong and always hated being told what to do.

I have so much respect for friends of mine who think outside the box. My friend Caroline Sabiston is a prime example. To cope with those "rest" periods we actors have to endure she has started her own production company up in the North East and is creating her own work. Visit her company's Facebook page here and give it a like. Caroline is just one example of many of my performer friends sidestepping and trying something else to keep themselves sane.

Anyway, having come down from my cloud I have been thinking I need to keep up the momentum and organise more shows. So, imagine my delight at being approached to do my own solo show! A few days after my slot at The Pheasantry I was asked if I would like to put together a full show. A show of two halves with an interval and everything. Of course I said yes and am now beginning to put together new material. 

When I was at Huddersfield Technical College, many moons ago, I always had a hankering to be a stand up comedian. Me and me mate Kathryn would spend hours reciting French and Saunders sketches whenever we had a break from classes, and sometimes during. Now, do not get me wrong here, I do not consider myself a stand up comedian. Not at all. However, I was so pleased with the chatty bits I came up with between songs and even more pleased that people laughed with me (I hope not at me). All I hope is I can think of equally amusing anecdotes for the rest of the show. I do feel that I have realised, on a very low level, that dream (for want of a better word) I had when I was 16.

So, watch this space for more details, when I know them, about the new show. It will be back at The Pheasantry and will also feature Simona Budd at the piano again. This time, though, I will be responsible for filling the place. Last time I only had to coerce 20 people into coming, this time it's 88 so if you are free (when I know when it will be) please come. For those who didn't see my first show here is a little taster. Enjoy!

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  1. If you want to, and will put in a lot of work is all you can. Yours.