Wednesday 25 December 2013

....and a Happy New Year

So, I have been a little bit "bah humbug" in the run up to Christmas. I normally pride myself on my present buying skills but this year there has been a definite lack of inspiration. Therefore, I apologise to anyone who has received a gift from me this year as you would be better off with nowt at all.

Anyway that said I am writing this on Christmas Day while I wait for dinner to be served. I have watched the film "Nativity" to try and get in the mood. It sort of worked, inspiration wise, as the songs are so fabulous I feel like starting a stage school for kids just so we can do a mini version of that Nativity and sing those songs. I am now watching/listening to the John Wilson Orchestra with Seth MacFarlane and Anna-Jane Casey performing a load of Christmas and swing tunes. And fabulous it is too. It is nice to see Mr MacFarlane in the flesh and not just hear his voice on some adult cartoon (that sounds dodgier than it should. By adult cartoon I, of course, mean "Family Guy" and "American Dad").

I will not bore you any longer on this day of all days. I just thought I should say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Normal, incompetent service will resume imminently with a piece about summat right exciting and, if you are lucky, it might be mildly amusing too.

Enjoy the festive season and, if you missed it, get your laughing gear around this (I PROMISE this is the last time I will try to foist this onto you - until next December!)

O holy night - greatest version ever (listen to the end - that is an order)

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