Sunday 5 December 2021

To bitch or not to bitch? not actually.

Just a quick one today. Has anyone else noticed that Facebook has been bombarding us with "memories" recently? Well I have. Whilst I enjoy looking back on things I have absolutely no recollection of doing or saying, it just makes me realise how shocking my actual memory is. However, sometimes things like this have a way of holding a mirror up to our lives.

Oh my goodness I was bitchy in my 30s, probably in my 20s too but Facebook wasn't a thing then. A series of memories came up in which I talked of Katherine Jenkins in a less than complimentary manner. This got me to thinking about how angry and unsettled I was in my 20s/30s and how chilled I am now in comparison. In these days of "be kind" I would not dream of slagging off another singer/woman in the way I did back in the day.

Although she will never be my favourite she seems to have found her lane, a lane that I would never occupy as we are, and have always been, very different people/singers so there is no reason, and never was, for jealousy or dislike, if that's what it was. 

But what WAS the actual reason for such an irrational hatred of one person trying to make the most of their life? To be honest I don't really know. I was pretty successful in my 30s, not Katherine Jenkins successful but I went from singing job to singing job and had a great time. I made wonderful, lifelong friends and got to sing some pretty awesome music. 

I suppose it is human nature to compare ourselves to other human beings, although I don't think I do that so much anymore. I just seem to be in a constant battle with myself nowadays. I see all of those inspirational quotes ending with "you are enough" but I rarely believe it. Now and again I do but not all the time. Don't feel sorry for me, I reckon my 50s will be my decade of acceptance so watch out, you have 2 and a half years to get ready for this Incompetent Soprano's attempt at world domination. Until then you'll find me on the sofa, planning!

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