Wednesday 2 October 2013

She'll do anything to get her name in a programme....even knit.

So, firstly, apologies for my idleness. It has been quite a while since I posted a new Diary entry. I have had quite a lot on and none of it worth writing about. Most of my time has been spent going to the gym actually. I forgot how addictive it can be. Last night I did Zumba and next week I am giving Pilates and Body Combat (whatever that is - it kind of suggests I have to fight myself) a go. Nothing worth writing until now, as it happens (don't get too excited though).

Readers of my other blog, "Queen of the Knit", will have seen that my name has made it into the tour programme of "Wicked". No, I am not IN it. I did not get myself a job while all of you weren't looking. I knitted gloves. Yes, ridiculous as it sounds, I knitted gloves. The gloves I knitted are now travelling around the country playing to packed houses. The next best thing to me being on stage I suppose. As a bonus, I was then asked to knit more of the same gloves for the production in London. I find this whole situation both bizarre and hilarious in equal measure.

Ironically, as I write, I am waiting for a phone call from my agent about an audition for a show in London. Yes, you've guessed it, for "Wicked". I would not normally announce to the world information about my prospective auditions but I feel there would be an interesting symmetry in knitting for, and then performing in, the same show that I thought worthy of sharing. 

Yesterday I posted the 4 pairs of my gloves to "Wicked", this time bound for the show in London, and 5 minutes before starting to write this the phone rang. A London number. Maybe it was my agent ringing from another number (?). It wasn't. The chap on the other end of the phone said, "Hello, I am calling from "Wicked", London". My heart stopped. Were they bypassing my agent (and the casting director) to call me in for an audition? No, of course they weren't. They were ringing for my bank account details in order to pay me for my handiwork. This is, of course, excellent, but a small part of me was disappointed. 

Is this whole situation coincidental? Probably. However, this is the first time in a long time I have been excited at the prospect of auditioning again. Actually that is not exactly what I mean, I am always excited when someone wants to see/hear me for anything but it has been a while since I auditioned for a really big show and that is what has got my blood pumping again. So, no matter what happens, whether they want to call me for an audition or not, this has been an excellent reintroduction, for me, to that adrenaline fuelled feeling we get at the possibility of doing a big show. If it takes a little longer to get myself a job with a lengthy contract attached so be it. I am happy to do smaller projects, teach and now knit in order to pay the bills. There are definitely worse things to do in life while waiting for the phone to ring that is for sure.

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