Tuesday 3 September 2013

Up and at 'em Platt!....Let's have a coffee first though.

I am feeling rather strange at the moment. For the first time in years I feel like I have had a summer off. A bit like the summers I had when I was at school (although my summer holiday this year has been almost exactly 4 months long). That said, I did not spend the summer cycling with my friends all over West Yorkshire or going down the woods or running through the sprinkler in my swimming costume when my dad watered the garden but it has felt like I had no real responsibilities or any real need to be anywhere or do anything. This is not to say I have done nothing in these 4 months:

I did a couple of concerts at this year's Tête à Tête festival (see the following blog for more about that Who needs rehearsal?.....Um, me please.)

I have done a total of 2 auditions. One terrifying (Stage-Fright?.....Shhhh, don't tell anyone.
and the other much, much better than the first (I finally took someone's advice.....and hey, it was my own.).

There has been a spot of Mystery Shopping. That was fun but I have got a little bored of going to Pret a Manger for my lunch and then answering far too many questions about how their cappuccino compares with other coffee shop cappuccinos (there will be one friend reading this who will find that statement ridiculous as he, single-handedly, keeps them in business. Although not at the moment as he is up in Pitlochry being a star). They did pay me to go swimming once, though, and that was great.

Then, of course, there is my teaching (go to my website for details *winks*. Sorry for the blatant plug). This is probably the most successful of my summer ventures.

Before I embarked on the longest tour known to man (The Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary Tour) I had built up quite a nice amount of singing students and was getting a lot of enquiries. I also had a lovely weekend job at the Westminster Abbey Shop which I was, honestly, sorry to say goodbye to. When I finished the tour at the beginning of May I returned to Croydon and hoped that another singing job would miraculously land in my lap and all my money worries would be over. Unfortunately this was not the case. I did, however, have a back-up plan and, well before the tour was over, started advertising my services online again (not those sorts of services cheeky). I managed to regain 3 of my former students and had one more lined up to start the week I got back to London. For once I was proactive and it paid off (sort of). 

The "dream" is to teach 15-20 hours a week and so far I have gone from 2 and a half hours a week when I first got back to around 7 or 8 a week. In 4 months I don't think that is bad going. I have to keep telling myself that. Particularly when I start to panic that I will never have enough students. Everything is fine. I am slowly getting there and one day I will have 20 hours worth of teaching in a single week (and probably moan that it is too much) and wonder why I panicked so much during my 4 month summer holiday. 

I deserved that time off! We all deserve a bit of time off sometimes (admittedly 4 months is a little long, although we have established that I did not spend the entire time watching Wimbledon and eating ice cream). Unfortunately we have to have the financial means in which to have a bit of time off so it is not always possible. I am very lucky that I have managed to stay afloat (just). I had worked/toured for 16 months and, though fun, it was hard. Not sleeping in your own bed for more than the odd night here and there, living out of a suitcase, finding your way round a new city or town every few weeks just when you'd got used to the last one. I think it is fine that I allowed myself a bit of time to get over touring but now it is time to metaphorically buy the new school uniform, new pencil case and selection of smelly rubbers and other stationery paraphernalia and get back to making something of myself. Well, trying!

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  1. Funnily enough, just before I posted this I had another enquiry about singing lessons. My attempt at world domination through teaching singing is well on it's way. Ta for reading everyone.